With the latest Magento release, more brands are looking to make the move and re-platform to Magento 2.
Choosing an Agency with experience, who have learnt by the mistakes and fine tuned the process will make this feel less like a risk.

We have now completed more than 20 migrations to Magento 2; and with each one, learning and becoming BETTER.


Making the move to a new platform is always a daunting experience. We believe this is a time to think, plan and look at what you would have done differently, your pain points on Magento 1 and how you can make a re-platform a positive move for your business.

Magento 2 has been in the making for a long time, and offers a huge step forwards in performance, features and scalability.

The only downside is that the migration to Magento 2 process isn't as straight forward as upgrading; it requires a full rebuild and data migration. Whilst that can seem daunting, when the time is right, our customers really have benefitted from the transition.



With Magento 2 been one of the fastest growing, most sought after platforms on the market; now boasting a whole range of offerings from the widely used OpenSource edition to the feature rich Magento 2 Commerce Cloud, there is a solution for your business.

A re-platform is a scary but exciting time. Embrace the change, use the time to reflect, and solve key business challenges.

Are you are worrying about making the right choice? A road mapping / strategy session will help you create a detailed scope, and identify all of the key deliverables and pains of your existing platform and ensure you are making the right choice. By aligning your business goals, context and requirements to core Magento features and identifying custom requirements, you will leave knowing if Magento is right for your business or not.