Lucky 7s in Las Vegas


Magento Imagine is the highlight of the Magento community annual calendar and this year, there's so much to look forward to.

Magento Imagine for me is all about opportunity. The opportunity to meet people from the community, network and share knowledge. Getting Better at what we do, how we do it and who with, is at the heart of my love for attending. The desire to work together for a better future is fundamentally what differentiates Magento from other eCommerce platforms and benefits everyone who makes the effort to be involved.

Nothing, to me, embodies this spirit more than flying halfway around the world to meet in person with 3,000+ like-minded individuals. Learning first hand of the challenges, successes, and failures of people who ‘do’ eCommerce in one of its guises. The scheduled talks, the many and varied impromptu opportunities to expand on these which happen in corridors (and occasionally in bars or at a roulette table). As such, for a number of years now I have made the annual pilgrimage to Magento Imagine, attending as a representative of both merchant and agency businesses.

This year will be the first time that I attend with the other Directors of Two Jay and I couldn’t be more excited. Being back agency side brings me the opportunity and necessity to focus on my Magento 2 skillset and bring it up to date. This has been somewhat 'on hold' whilst I worked with various merchants on Magento 1, but is something I am really looking forward to.

Face to face conversation with international peers and suppliers is something that I usually only get the chance to do at Imagine (call me old fashioned but I still prefer this to digital comms.). Meeting existing contacts, new people, some who will inevitably want to sell you something, others who just want to say 'hi' and find out what you do or tell you what they do. It’s all good.

So, in the 7th year of Two Jay, 7 years since the first Magento Imagine, I hope I’ll see you there!
April 23rd-25th