Laybuy offers a new service for the UK market


Having a reliable and scalable website is a great foundation for eCommerce success, but combine that with the right third-party integrations and you have the ability to supercharge conversions and ROI.

When scoping out your eCommerce strategy, payment solutions should be one of the third-party integrations that are high on your list of priorities. Offering multiple payment solutions or new innovative ways to pay gives your customers more choice and control while optimising the look and feel of your checkout.

Having revolutionised payments in New Zealand and Australia, Laybuy offers a completely new service for the UK market. UK shoppers can now ‘Pay it, easy’ with Laybuy payment solution which allows customers to receive their purchase now and split the cost over 6 weekly automatic, interest-free payments. With 31% of the UK who like to budget weekly, this is the first payment solution which caters for this and combats overspending.

Early adopters of Laybuy in the UK include Footasylum , a footwear and apparel store who are now offering their customers the choice to pay only a fraction of their basket’s cost upfront, in addition to their other traditional payment methods.

Benefits for merchants:

  • The ability to split the payment encourages customers to make the purchase or to pop that other item they wanted into their basket, increasing conversions by 50% and AOV by 60% on average.

  • Customers now have an incentive to pay full price, which means you can reduce the number of discounts and promotions you run and improve ROI.

  • Customers have the ability to purchase with Laybuy in-store and online, plus manage all payments and returns within one dashboard, creating an omnichannel experience.

  • Unlike other ‘Buy now, pay later’ solutions, Laybuy is the only provider to offer a multi-country solution for merchants who ship internationally.

  • It is easily integrated with your website. Laybuy has integrated with many leading eCommerce and POS platforms including Magento, Shopify and Salesforce.

  • Laybuy pays all merchants overnight in full (less a small commission), completes credit checks, owns all default, fraud and chargeback risk and pays all transaction fees.

‘Pay it, easy’ solution for customers

Online process


Add to basket, check out and select Laybuy as your payment method.


Sign in or sign up (sign up and credit checks take just a few minutes).


Choose your payment day


Your items are on their way and payments will be taken automatically each week.

In-store process


Choose your items in store and ask at the counter to pay by Laybuy.


Provide your mobile phone number


You will receive an instant text message


Choose your payment day


Enjoy your items. Payments will be taken automatically each week.

As an Enterprise Magento Solutions Partner, we specialise in website development and work with best-of-breed technology partners who add value to our projects and for our customers. Laybuy is one of our key partners and our team of eCommerce specialists have extensive knowledge of the solution and its integration process and are able to advise you if you should have any questions.

Jessica Truscott