Two Jay founder is Digital Entrepreneur of the Year 2017


Jamie Jackson, Founder of 2J Commerce, won the award for Digital Entrepreneur of the Year at the DEA Awards in Manchester last night.

The prestigious award is the last in the 19-strong line up of the annual Digital Entrepreneur Awards ceremony held in Manchester, hailed as the digital capital of the North. The Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Award gives credit to an individual or pairing who represents true pioneering advancement in digital. The shortlist this year was extremely competitive, so we are thrilled have Jamie’s name on this accolade.

Jamie has always had the mindset of an entrepreneur. Due to his determination and hard work ethic, what often started out as something small would quickly develop and escalate. But after finding school tough; failing all exams, he realised he needed something more, and he found it when he discovered the world of digital.

Like most of us, at 17, Jamie wanted to learn to drive, but couldn’t afford the lessons. So he agreed to build a website for his driving instructor in exchange for lessons. This is where his love for all things digital was truly born, and used this skill to become a freelance web designer. This being in the 90’s the days of dial up internet made this pretty tough, but it never stopped him.

Over the years, working in various full-time digital roles and continuing to freelance in his spare time, Jamie knew he needed to go alone. Having commitments from a young age, and just scraping by, it was a gamble, and he was nervous. He got the push he needed after an unfortunate accident during an Ice Hockey game. A broken arm meant he couldn’t work, so he lost his contract. Needing to pay the bills, he started working on small websites from home to boost his status in the industry. He had no investment and no outside help, but in the first two months of his venture into web development, he had turned over more than in six months contracting out in manual labour, and 2J Commerce was born. It would be another five years of hard work, trials and challenges, but Jamie is now the founder of an Enterprise level partner of the industry’s largest platform for online stores worldwide, with a team of over 60 employees behind him.

And this is why we cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award. Congratulations Jamie - you’ve most certainly earned it!

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Jamie Jackson