The Best of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018


Brits are estimated to have spent more than £7 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year. With the retail holiday falling a month before Christmas, it poses the perfect opportunity for retailers to tempt shoppers with price drops, multi-buy discounts and free delivery.

Personally, however much I try to save my money and boycott the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, I’m still somehow drawn in by those flashing banners, shoppable emails and “OMG offers”.



As the original fairtrade pioneers, Traidcraft sells ethically sourced products from growers and artisans around the world. Slashing prices and putting unnecessary demand on trading partnerships is not in their DNA.

Instead, Traidcraft uses the retail holiday to promote their alternative Black Friday campaign, ‘Just Friday’. A direct response to frenzied shopping behaviours, the campaign encourages shoppers and other brands to be mindful and ethical during the festive period. Without buying into the hard-sell of Black Friday, Traidcraft is able to promote their fair trade Christmas gifts and emphasise their company ethos.

Pretty Little Thing


In contrast, fast-fashion brand Pretty Little Thing is renowned for slashing prices and offering discounts of up to 80%. One piece of advice we can take from them is to get a head start on your competitors. Their Cyber Weekend ‘party started’ early when they announced their promotions the Wednesday before.

Just Eat

just eat.PNG

Just Eat made light of Black Friday madness with this fun play on words. Although they are not an eCommerce brand, I had to add this in as it was the only email I received that actually made me giggle and subsequently caught my attention for a moment - bravo.



By Friday afternoon most people will be sick of hearing the words ‘Black Friday’, so cleverly Selfridges took the emphasis away from this and called it their ‘Christmas comes early’ event. Claiming they are ‘the only destination for extraordinary gifts’.



Very went big with their ‘Cyber Week’ deals, adding a scrolling banner across the site and labelling each product within the promote with an easily recognisable ‘Cyber Week Deal’ call-out. They also used this opportunity and peak in traffic to promote their credit offering, encourage an increase in their average order value.

Our advice for maximising sales post-promotion:

  • Upsell subscription-based products and premier delivery options

  • Encourage shoppers to subscribe to your newsletter for future promotions

  • Send them a post-purchase thank you email

  • Ask them for their opinion and start collecting user-generated content and reviews

  • Analyse your performance including bestsellers

Jessica Truscott