Traidcraft: the online journey of a fair trade pioneer


More than just a retailer: the original fair trade pioneers

Founded in Newcastle in 1979 when they published their first hand-drawn catalogue, Traidcraft is now reaching their 40th year of trading. First introducing fair trade tea, coffee and sugar to the UK, Traidcraft pride themselves on the advocacy and importance of organic farming, sustainability and transparency. Improving the lives of growers and artisans around the world.

With roughly 50% of their sales coming from their website and catalogue, the other 50% comes from their network of over 4,500 registered community retailers. Operating within the community, running Traidcraft shops and stalls in local churches and schools, these loyal ‘Fair Traders’ defy the realms of our ‘online society’.

Trading online since early 2000s

Having been trading online since their first website was built in the early 2000s, Traidcraft’s website was not responsive or mobile friendly. To bring the brand up to speed, they chose to re-platform to Magento 2 Open Source (Community) with a previous agency in October 2017.

After appointing Two Jay (a Magento specialised agency) for Magento support in February 2018, Traidcraft began to see some limitations with the Open Source version. In June 2018, we began discussions to upgrade to Magento 2 Enterprise and Commerce Cloud.

The project

The upgrade needed to be completed in time for their key trading period in September. So with a tight timeframe of just two months, we focused on incorporating solutions for their current challenges including:

B2B functionality - Reliant on their network of ‘Fair Traders’, Traidcraft wanted to improve the B2B functionality on site and improve the experience for resellers purchasing on credit.

Storytelling - Traidcraft’s products are ethically sourced from around the world, in order to better tell their story, Traidcraft needed more control over the content on their category and product pages.

Mobile traffic - Increased marketing activities and social campaigns lead to an increase in mobile traffic. In order to cater to this, Traidcraft required a new mobile-first design to offer users a seamless and engaging mobile-optimised experience.


The results

Having chosen Magento 2 Enterprise and Commerce Cloud, Traidcraft now has a reliable and scalable site which is mobile-optimised, able to showcase their content-rich products and better caters for their B2B offering.

✔️ WEBSITE VISITS: 39% increase

✔️ CONVERSIONS: 7% increase

✔️ MOBILE TRAFFIC: 22% increase

“Working with a specialist Magento agency has made all the difference for us. Two Jay’s experience with Magento 2 meant that we were able to migrate to Magento 2 Enterprise and Cloud smoothly and within just two months, ahead of key trading periods.“ Jo Lambert, Digital Marketing Manager at Traidcraft

Jessica Truscott