Improve your website performance with cloud hosting


When it comes down to website performance, hosting is one of those crucial areas that you need to get right. Upgrading your hosting plan can have a considerably positive impact on your website’s page load speed, particularly for larger resource-intensive sites.

The bottom line is, nobody wants to wait for a website to load, and in this competitive fast-paced world we live in consumers expect things instantly. Web pages that load quickly perform well on all fronts: more engagement, greater user experience, higher conversion, as well as having SEO benefits due to Google including page load speed in its ranking algorithm.

As an Enterprise Magento Solutions Partner, we have undergone countless website development projects with a host of retailers, from small to medium sized emerging brands to larger multinational brands. When roadmapping for new projects, we discuss hosting options with our customers at the earliest opportunity. Helping them choose an option which is capable of carrying them through peak periods of intense traffic and scaling as the organisation expands.

Magento Commerce Cloud is one of these options and depending on the size of your business and your requirements it has two packages on offer: Magento Commerce Cloud Starter Edition and Magento Commerce Cloud Professional Edition. It combines the successful and established architecture of the Magento Commerce platform with an automated hosting platform, eliminating the need for self-hosting. 

Magento Commerce Cloud.png

From enhanced security and safer deployments to the ability to measure your websites performance and have less parties involved, this guide explores the many benefits of cloud hosting and educates you on the best path to cloud for your organisation.

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Jessica Truscott