Magento Commerce 2.2.4 release


Exciting news for the Magento community as Magento Commerce 2.2.4 was recently released. The release includes new tools, enhancements, and numerous functional fixes which will not only provide better shopping experiences for users but also simplify internal operations for merchants.

There are lot’s of improvements versus Magento 2.2.3, including almost 200 community contributions which span from performance-tuning enhancements to engineering fixes. All updates are listed in Magento DevDocs, but we wanted to highlight some of the key improvements which we think will really add value to our customers and other Magento Commerce users. 

What’s new for Magento 2.2.4?

Additional payment solutions
To give more choice to shoppers and increase conversions at the checkout, Magento has added two new trusted payment solutions to this new release: Amazon Pay and Klarna. Amazon Pay allows users to securely store their credit information and shop with multiple brands in just a few taps. Providing a trusted, familiar, and convenient way for customers to pay. Whilst Klarna offers customers the option to pay now, pay later or split the cost by paying in instalments. An ideal encouragement for customers who may be off put by the initial costs.

Newly integrated tax calculation
Vertex now comes as standard with Magento Commerce 2.2.4, simplifying and automating taxability and calculation on every transaction. This extension is great news for merchants who are selling in multiple locations or looking to expand their storefronts in the future.

Dotmailer enhancements
The Dotmailer bundled extension has improved the integrated email marketing offering. The new abandoned cart report table, ability to design your own transactional email templates, and set transactional emails at the store level are just some of the enhancements included in this release.

Increased efficiency when implementing configurable products
If you enter an invalid SKU number during the creation of a configurable product, Magento will now display a warning and does not let you save the product. Previously, if you had entered an invalid SKU value and clicked Save, all the product information you entered would have been lost.

Improved email capabilities
Order confirmation emails from the Admin in multi-store environments are now sent from the store that the customer used rather than the primary store which was previously set as default. Making emails to customers more relevant and trustworthy.

Clearer and more accurate customer order history
This new release now shows all products as expected on the Recently Ordered list when a customer places an order that contains products from multiple stores. Previously, there was some confusion for brands with two storefronts.

Faster page load time for popular searches
A system administrator can now configure and cache top search queries. This enhancement can result in up to a 36% improvement for popular search terms.

Wishlist enhancements
Previously, if you added a product with a special price to the wish list, Magento displayed the product with its regular price. Now it will display the product at the price it was when you added it to the wish list.

Set rules for a specific store view
You can now import or export a specific store view that includes custom options and bundle product options. Previously, the import/export feature did not include store view-level edits for custom options. 

From small technical fixes to major performance enhancements, it’s great to work with a platform that is so receptive of community feedback and dedicated to continuously improving the platform for its users - merchants and their customers. We’re looking forward to working with Magento 2.2.4 and seeing how these updates will help improve the customer experience whilst significantly reducing cart abandonment.


Two Jay are a Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner with an impressive portfolio of 20+ Magento 2 launches, including 6 Enterprise Commerce Cloud builds. Their team consists of 54 Magento Specialists, Designers, Project Managers and Support team. Clients range from small and medium-sized businesses looking to transition to the next stage of growth, to larger multinational brands including Cadburys Gifts Direct, Soak & Sleep, Bedeck Home and Jollyes.  

Steven Morris