Sales Enablement Workshop with Dotdigital and Klarna


As a Magento Solutions Partner we specialise in website development and have a number of key partners we trust to add value to our projects and for our customers. Having a reliable and scalable website is a great foundation, but we understand that increasing conversions and ROI can often be supercharged by third-party integrations and additional marketing activities.

To add value to our customers and prospects, we hosted an exclusive Sales Enablement Workshop with our partners Dotmailer and Klarna recently. The workshop was held at our Manchester office and included a 3-hour email marketing workshop headed by Gavin at Dotmailer and a checkout optimisation session from Richard and Matthew at Klarna.

Email Marketing Workshop with Dotmailer (Dotdigital)

If you’ve watched a talk from Gavin (Email Strategist at Dotmailer) before you will know that he is super passionate about email marketing and automation. Gavin headed a 3-hour email marketing workshop worth £750 per person exclusively for Two Jay guests and kept the room entertained and engaged throughout.


Despite sometimes being shown less love than other channels, email marketing presents a massive opportunity for brands to increase their ROI and conversion rate on site. However, “66% of brands are not segmenting”, by getting the basics and segmenting correctly, brands can deliver personalised and relevant email campaigns that drive engagement and increase brand loyalty.

Focusing on 4 key types of emails, Gavin shared with us some great examples of who was ‘hitting the mark’ with their Welcome, Replenishment, Post-Purchase and Lapsed emails. Advising brands that they should choose at least three of these components to create a truly effective email program. Here are the key takeaways from each section of the workshop:

Welcome email:

  • Highlight your USP’s for example ‘free styling’ and ‘free delivery’

  • Ask them their preferences using a form

  • If you’re asking them to complete a long form, offer the customer an incentive for instance a competition entry.

  • Don’t rush to the discount code, as much as discount codes are enticing they might be doing long-term damage to your ROI.

  • Remember they have just given you access to their inbox so say thank you!

Replenishment email:

  • Ask people how often they replenish their products within the Welcome stage

  • Add a link direct to the product so it’s easier for the customer to purchase

  • Mix editorial content with promotional content - nobody appreciates being sold to all of the time mix it up with some stylish imagery.

Post-Purchase email:

  • Say thank you!

  • Ask them their opinion, whether it be to give a review about the product they bought or service they received, customers like to feel valued and it’s great to collect this implicit data.

  • Encourage the customer to share photos of their product by featuring user-generated content (UGC) on email and offering an incentive.

Lapsed email:

  • Show your brand’s personality. It doesn’t have to be serious so use this opportunity to be a little tongue and cheek with phrases like ‘Let’s stay together’.

  • Find out why they have lapsed and use this implicit data to determine the content you send them and how frequently you do it.

  • Give them the opportunity to change their preferences.

After learning the best practice for the above types of email campaigns and enjoying a break for lunch, it was time for us to put our knowledge to the test. The group was split into smaller groups and tasked to complete an email segmentation and automation programme to promote an event.

Activity 1.jpg
Activity 2.jpg

Checkout Optimisation Session

Next up and the final part of the day was the checkout optimisation session delivered by Richard and Matthew at Klarna, a payment solution for online storefronts. The agenda was to find out why smooth payments matter, the different products Klarna offer and their top tips for regionalised payments.

The session kicked off with a fun game of Higher or Lower with a bottle of champagne up for grabs, revealing some interesting facts about why online shoppers abandon, millennials expectations, plus how other countries are much more advanced than the UK when it comes to payments.

Richard and Matthew then introduced us to the 3 products Klarna offers: Pay Later, Slice It and Slice It in 3 (or 4 if you’re in the U.S). Offering customers a buy now, pay later option which appeals to the following three types of shoppers:

1) ‘No time shoppers’ - shoppers who want to enter as little detail as possible as  this is made possible through the Klarna checkout iframe which remembers their details across different retailers.

2) ‘Want it before payday shoppers’ - Klarna offer a simple payment delay of 14 or 30 days which allows customers to essentially buy now and pay later.

3) ‘Keep or return shoppers’ - these are the customers who want to order different sizes or options without the hassle of waiting for their refund.

It was interesting to find out that offering the customer more choice when it comes to payments could lead to such a massive increase in spending and shopping frequency including a 21.6% increase in the number of items per basket, 15% increase in AOV and a 40% uplift in conversions on mobile vs native checkout.


We hope to be planning more collaborative events with our technology partners which offer further value for our customers and merchants. If you would like to receive notifications of similar future events, please join our mailing list and we will keep you in the loop.

Jessica Truscott